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Ashley Audrain’s debut novel, The Push, brilliantly explores the repercussions of traumatic family history

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The Push by Ashley Audrain
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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Push is the debut novel by Ashley Audrain. I listened to the Penguin Audio produced audiobook, which clocks in at nine hours and is wonderfully narrated by Marin Ireland, but the hardcover is 307 pages.

The book is mostly written in the second person point of view of our main character, Blythe Connor, in the form of some kind of message to her ex-husband, Fox. Blythe is an author herself, and through this structure, we progress through the story of their relationship in multiple flash backs. These flash backs are interspersed with multiple vignettes from the history of Blythe’s family, which are full of trauma and tragedy, which are not from Blythe’s point of view.

Please take a look at the CWs below (even though they’re slightly spoilery) because this book is h e a v y. And the ending packs a punch.

CW: child abuse (physical and emotional), death of a child, children in danger, complex mother/daughter issues, post-partum depression, sociopaths

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