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Happy book birthday to delightful YA rom-com Being Mary Bennet (by J.C. Peterson) and gothic locked-room mystery Under Lock & Skeleton Key (by Gigi Pandian)!

Just a quickie today to hype two fabulous book birthdays!

Being Mary Bennet by J.C. Peterson
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J.C. Peterson’s debut novel Being Mary Bennet is out today from HarperTeen. It’s a super charming YA rom-com retelling of Pride and Prejudice. Watching our main character Marnie blossom out of her curmudgeonly shell and learn how to develop her various familial, platonic, and romantic relationships felt very true to life for me. I note a few CWs in my full review, but I found that the topics were handled pretty well.

Under Lock & Skeleton Key is the first book in the new Secret Staircase cozy mystery series by multi-award-winning author Gigi Pandian, put out by Minotaur Books (an imprint of Macmillan). If you like architecture or mouthwatering food, this is a great book to check out. The chapters are pretty short, so it was like potato chip reading for me–I read the last 45% in one sitting. There’s also a lot of casual diversity in this book which is wonderful to see. I have a few CWs for this book in my full review.

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