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Happy Book Birthday to paranormal rom-com Boss Witch (by Ann Aguirre) and debut Regency rom-com Reputation (by Lex Croucher)

Just a quickie today to hype two fabulous book birthdays!

Boss Witch by Ann Aguirre
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Boss Witch is the second book in the Fix-It Witches series by Ann Aguirre. We follow Clementine Waterhouse, cousin of Danica (our main character from the first book) and fellow co-owner of Fix-It Witches, a magical tech repair shop. She meets witch hunter Gavin Rhys and decides to distract him from her book club coven by using her feminine wiles, but then she catches feelings.

Check out my full review for a list of content warnings.

Reputation is a Regency coming-of-age rom-com by Lex Croucher in their fictional debut. We follow our main character, middle class Georgiana Ellers, a bookish girl forgotten by her parents and sent to stay with her uptight aunt and uncle in the English countryside. Once she meets high-class Frances Campbell, the bisexual mixed-race queen bee of of the local in-crowd, she is introduced to “improper society.” This book was like Mean Girls mixed with Jane Austen or Bridgerton and explores themes such as race, sexuality, consent, belonging, privilege, and status while also showcasing a lot of casual diversity.

Check out my full review for a list of content warnings.

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