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Happy Book Birthday to queer historical fiction novel All of You Every Single One (by by Beatrice Hitchman)

Just a quickie today to hype a fabulous book birthday!

All of You Every Single One by Beatrice Hitchman
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All of You Every Single One is a queer historical fiction novel by Beatrice Hitchman. The Love Actually-esque period book is set in Vienna, Austria over the span of 1910 to 1946 and follows a series of relationships between queer individuals on the fringes of history. This is a really interesting look at queer folks and characters dealing with disability in the years spanning both world wars.

I much preferred the first half of the book; at the 60% mark, there is a significant time jump, where it starts delving into the slow rise of the Nazi regime and how it effects our group of characters and their various communities.

Check out my full review for a list of content warnings.

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