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Happy Book Birthday to queer urban fantasy novel Siren Queen (Nghi Vo) and The Book of Knowing and the Book of Overthinking (Dr. Gwendoline Smith), a bind-up of two short self help guides

Just a quickie today to hype two fabulous book birthdays!

Siren Queen by Nghi Vo
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Siren Queen is an urban fantasy novel by Nghi Vo that is set in pre-Code Hollywood.

Luli Wei grew up working in her Chinese American family’s laundry business in Los Angeles, blocks away from Hollywood directors filming on-location. She works her way up from bit part to bit part, clawing her way to the top through hard work and a sharp mind. This version of Hollywood runs on a system of bargains and blood magic, where stars are sacrificed as needed to keep the industry going. Luli refuses to let them own her face, her name, or the women she loves.

This book has great spooky vibes and I highly recommend it, though I do wish it was longer! Read more, including content warnings, at my full review.

The Book of Knowing and The Book of Overthinking: Dr. Know’s Guide to Untangling Your Brain is a bind up of two short self-help guides by clinical psychologist Dr. Gwendoline Smith.

The Book of Knowing section is an educational guide that uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) concepts to help the reader understand and manage their feelings. It is the first 40% of this bind up. The Book of Overthinking is its sequel, and covers ruminating and worrying, which are common symptoms of anxiety. Both books provide clear advice and tangible examples that are easy to understand, though some concepts feel a bit repetitive.

Read more, including trigger warnings, at my full review.

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