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Happy Book Birthday to witchy paranormal romance From Bad to Cursed (Lana Harper)

Just a quickie today to hype this fabulous book birthday!

From Bad to Cursed by Lana Harper
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Wild child Isadora is the second child of the Avramovs, a family that uses a darker shade of magic–sometimes literally as they can make use of ectoplasm and summon demons. Issa designs costumes and storylines for her family’s haunted house full-time, but her heart is calling her to become an indie fashion designer and break away from the family business. When the town’s Beltane festival preparations keep being sabotaged, she is chosen by her family as one of the co-investigators tasked to get to the bottom of things. Her partner is none other than Rowan Thorn, lawful good nature boy, and also Issa’s archenemy. They need to work together while navigating the complicated history between their families to make sure that all of their Beltane celebrations go off without a hitch.

I loved the spooky vibes of this book, and I liked this storyline a lot better than the first book in the series, Payback’s a Witch. Read more, including content warnings, at my full review.

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