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Legacy Witches by Cass Kay is a debut self-published urban fantasy novel with horror elements (4.5/5 stars)

Legacy Witches by Cass Kay
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(4.5 stars rounded up to a 5)

Legacy Witches by Cass Kay is a debut self-published urban fantasy novel with horror elements. The ebook version is 287 pages.

After the death of her mother, Vianna Roots comes back to her hometown of Salem which she had fled several years before. She inherited the haunted house passed down her family line, one of the oldest families in the town. When she sees the ghost of her childhood friend, she realizes she need to figure out what’s going on before she leaves again. But once the oldest coven in Salem finds out she’s meddling, all bets are off if she can make it out alive.

I really enjoyed this book! As per usual with most debut authors, I think the plot could have been tightened up a bit. But overall, this was a fun read and I compulsively read the last half of it in one sitting.

The worldbuilding here was pretty cool, and different from other books about Salem witches. I particularly liked the way the author structured spell craft.

There’s some nice queer rep here with Dee, the daughter of the coven librarian, as she’s a trans woman. In a society that is matrilineal, where only women have magic and men are expected to stay out of that sphere, I’m really interested in digging more into her perspective. I’m excited for where this book leaves off because it has a huge opening for future installments. And I am Here For Those.

Tropes in this book include: Salem witches, trans side character

CW: violence, assault, gaslighting, body horror

The publisher provided a ebook galley of this book for me to review. All opinions contained herein are my own.

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