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We Are Bookish just released their Book Club Kit for The Rumor Game by Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra

The Rumor Game Book Club Kit from We Are Bookish (Presented by NetGalley)

NetGalley provides publisher-sponsored Book Club Kits as PDFs. Their latest release is based on The Rumor Game by Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra. The book is a fast-paced social thriller where the rumor mill spreads like fire through the social media accounts of a prep school.

I really appreciate the whole package of this Book Club Kit. It is themed off of the book itself, with items a student would have and a particular focus on phones (as social media plays a big part in the story). The title page includes a cell phone with the book’s cover on its screen, a notebook, a pen, some post-its and ruled paper, all seemingly sitting on a desk. The Table of Contents comes next, and it’s stylized as if you took a screenshot of your phone’s Settings main page.

The following page is stylized as two reminders popping up over a group chat, though we only see snippets of the conversation such as “I saw it all go down” and “So many lies.” The reminders themselves include a spoiler alert (as the kit contains explicit spoilers for the ending of the book) and content warnings. I’m so glad they included both of these at the beginning of the kit, because it is very important to let people know about the heavier topics involved in books like this, so a reader can more accurately determine if this is a book for them.

Further pages include: an author interview (stylized as a group chat), a discussion guide, bookmarks based on the book that you can print out and use, suggestions on what to read next, two guides on how to create open lines of communication (one for adults and one for teens), various resources, about the authors pages, more from the publisher (Disney-Hyperion), and an about section for the kit itself.

Big shout-out to We Are Bookish, an editorially independent division of NetGalley, and the publisher Disney-Hyperion, because this Book Club Kit for The Rumor Game looks phenomenal and is be a great asset.

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