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Happy Book Birthday to spiritualty guidebooks Spells for Change (by Frankie Castanea) and Moon Phases (by Cecilia Lattari)

Just a quickie today to hype two fabulous book birthdays!

Spells for Change: A Guide for Modern Witches is a debut guidebook on spirituality by “Chaotic Witch Aunt” Frankie Castanea, a practicing eclectic/folk witch. Their goal for this book was to provide a broad overview of traditions so the reader can create a customized version of witchcraft for themselves. They focus on “manifesting change through spell work, intent, and mindfulness with a decolonized point of view.” This book isn’t just for folks new to the craft, it can also help to add nuance to a current practice and to further explore its history and theory.

I really liked this guidebook, and it is a great reference book to keep on my shelf! You can read more about this book at my full review.

Moon Phases: Use the Lunar Cycle to Connect with Nature and Focus Your Intentions is guidebook on lunar spiritualism by Cecilia Lattari, with gorgeous illustrations by Emilio Ignozza. The author, an expert herbalist, uses this book to thoroughly explain the different phases of the moon each month of the year (starting with January) and what they symbolize. This book can help the reader feel more in touch with themselves, while also helping them to better connect with nature.

I didn’t like this one as much as Spells for Change, partly because there was some information in the Introduction that was not quite true, though that may have been translation errors (as this book was originally published in Italy). You can read more about this book at my full review.

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