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Happy Book Birthday to YA fantasy/romance Together We Burn (Isabel Ibañez), nonfiction self-help Disconnected (Emma Gannon), and spooky guidebook A Haunted Road Atlas (Christine Schiefer & Em Schulz)

Just a quickie today to hype three fabulous book birthdays!

Together We Burn by Isabel Ibañez
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Together We Burn is a stand-alone YA fantasy with romantic elements by Isabel Ibañez. The world is super cool and is inspired by medieval Spain.

Zarela Zalvidar is the daughter of two of the most famous performers in Hispalia; a flamenco dancer and a Dragonador (think matador, but with dragons). Tragedy strikes during their 500th anniversary show, and Zarela must take her father’s place to save her family’s home and arena. To do so, she must convince mysterious dragon tamer Arturo Díaz de Montserrat to help her.

I had a good time listening to this book! You can read my full review here.

Disconnected: How to Stay Human in an Online World is a self-help book by Emma Gannon. It’s a quick read about how we as humans have become more dependent on the internet–especially during the pandemic–while also reducing physical contact with others. The author provides easy-to-follow “quick prompts” to help remind yourself who you really are outside of the always-connected internet.

I felt very seen by this book, partly because I am an “elder millennial” like the author. You can check out my full review here.

A Haunted Road Atlas: Sinister Stops, Dangerous Destinations, and True Crime Tales is a spooky travel guide by Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz. Schiefer and Schulz are the hosts of the popular podcast And That’s Why We Drink. This book is an interactive travel guide to their favorite spooky and sinister places in the United States.

The authors detail supernatural activities and true crime events for each city they discuss, along with travel tips, food and beverage recommendations, and cool places to check out. I’m definitely going to plan future vacations around their tips! For more detailed information, see my full review here.

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